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Your One Job Is To SURVIVE

Ewan’s life, once filled with dreams, is now in ruins. Seeking escape from despair, he flees to the wilderness, where a failed suicide attempt leaves him struggling to survive. In the wild, he confronts the elements and wild beasts, finding peace in the quiet brink of life and death. Amid this harsh life, Ewan learns essential survival skills—building shelters, mastering fire, and hunting. Each skill is a lifeline, helping him appreciate the simple purpose of living in nature, where each breath and heartbeat symbolizes defiance and victory.

His only job now? To survive!

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Wind Walker

The Wind Walker (Children of the Sky Book 1)

To avoid his fate as a Breaker Boy – Children forced to work the mines – Zephyr must find a way to earn enough coin to buy his freedom and escape the city of Crater. Yet there are only so many options afforded to a young boy with no family. Thievery is one.

At the same time – Captain Bacchus and his eccentric crew have been tasked with finding the whereabouts of a treasure, which they know little to nothing about. Yet with a reward of over fifty times their normal going rate; How can they turn the opportunity down?

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Winds Calling

The Winds Calling (Children of the Sky Book 2)

Join Captain Bacchus and The Glee crew as they escape powerful merchant lords, navigate dangerous skies, and seek allies in their quest for freedom. Zephyr and Priscilla must find their way to an outpost while being pursued by mercenaries. Mitzy sets out to find her missing brother and escape Crater, becoming embroiled in a rebellion in the process. Experience adventure, flight, and the fight for freedom in this thrilling journey.

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Winds Fury

The Winds Fury (Children of the Sky Book 3)

A kingdom in peril, a sky-pirate crew imprisoned, and a young hero’s destiny takes flight.

The final instalment in the trilogy, The Wind’s Fury, promises a riveting adventure fraught with danger, camaraderie, and a desperate struggle for justice and freedom.

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Simon Shugar - Fantasy Author